Posted by: gaelphotography | January 4, 2010

Trip up to Loch Mullardoch

Decided to go up to Mullardoch yesterday (3rd January 2010) to get some shots of the snow and hopefully the deer.  The road was really bad and while some had been removed the passing places had 4 to 5 foot of snow.  Loch Mullardoch lies up at the top of Glen Cannich and is accessed by a one way single track road.  This was difficult yesterday if you met anyone.  A young couple from Yorkshire tried to get up there in a transit van, obviously not used to our roads and conditions, and got stuck about 100 yards from the end where the turning point was.  This meant we had to reverse for a mile to get turned, after we helped to dig them out!

Loch Mullardoch

The trip was well worth the effort as you can see from the picture above it was beautiful up there.  I Also took a portrait version and would like to hear comments on which you prefer and why. 

Loch Mullardoch Portrait version


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