Posted by: gaelphotography | June 1, 2010

Ring of Brodgar

One of the best stone circles and it is on Orkney

The third largest stone circle in the UK and covers 90,700 square feet.  25 stones remain standing today and it was built between 2,500 bc and 2,000 bc.  It is thought to have contained 60 stones when built and is a perfect circle.  Scotland has these ancient sites scattered all over its countryside and they never fail to amaze and fill you with wonder.  Orkney is a wonderful place to visit and you can see everything from ancient monuments like this to rare wildlife, even killer whale pods.  A must visit to experience the unique island culture and friendliness of the locals.

Nikon D80
Sigma 10 – 20 at 10mm
ISO 100
3 bracketted shots at + and – 2 stops
Mid shot f11 for 1/160s
Manfrotto 190 tripod
Manfrotto 222 head
Cable release
3 RAW files converted to JPG using ACR and CS3
3 JPG’s into photomatix and tonemapped
Back into CS3 and topaz adjust and topaz detail plug ins applied

I had to creat an HDR due to the extreme levels of light


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