Posted by: gaelphotography | August 14, 2011

Ready for War

WW2 Army Jeep

This Jeep was part of the activities at Fort George today.  It is a WW2 Jeep with two Black Watch soldiers behind it.  The Black Watch go of to Afghanistan again soon and these two young men will be putting their lives on the line once again.


The shot:

Hand held
Nikon D80
Nikon 18-`35mm lens

3 autobracketted RAW files at + and –  2

Pre Tonemapping:

In ACR extra 2 shots created at +.4 and – 4
All 5 RAW files converted to 16 bit Tiffs (not sure how to do 32 bit but probably easy)
All 5 Tiffs individually given noise reduction using Topaz De Noise
All 5 Tiffs individually run through Topaz Infocus

Tone Mapping:

All 5 Tiffs tonemapped in photomatix to creat 16 bit HDR Tiff
Detail enhancer used

Post Tonemapping processing:

Into CS3
Topaz Adjust filter applied



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